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Joe had been a janitor at teen sex Wickman School For Girls for about three years, and while the teen sex pay wasn't the greatest, but being a young single guy he didn't have teen sex many needs. Besides, the scenery at the school was nothing short of teen sex spectacular! The little bitches who attended the exclusive private school never even gave him teen sex a second glance. As far as they were concerned he didn't even exist! That was teen sex O.K. with him, because it gave him the perfect cover for his teen sex one and only hobby, trying to see these little sluts with their panties down!

Their were really only teen sex three places that Joe knew the girls took off their clothes, in their teen sex own dorm rooms, in the bathroom, and in the main shower area and teen sex locker room. After careful evaluation, Joe soon figured out that the shower was by far the best teen sex place to make his attempt. The first reason was that in the shower all the girls would be totally teen sex nude. The bathrooms had stalls and the girls wouldn’t be totally disrobed, and it would be teen sex almost impossible to see much in the dorm rooms, and it would be teen sex much too risky for the limited rewards. The shower had several other things teen sex going for it, the first being that the large janitor’s closet was directly adjacent to the shower and teen sex could be used as the nerve center for his spying activities, and also since he was the janitor, he teen sex could go into the shower room and make any modifications he needed to carry out his plan.

Joe decided that the best way to see the girls teen sex was to use a hidden camera shooting directly into the shower room. The problem was teen sex how to disguise it! It would be easy to drill a hole up by the shower room ceiling through to the janitor’s teen sex closet, the trick would be hiding the hole and the lens of the camera. Along the ceiling in the shower was a hot air duct that teen sex was on the same wall as the closet. By drilling a hole from the closet through the duct work Joe teen sex was then able to fit a remote control camera behind the metal teen sex grid on the air duct. When the system was operational it teen sex was nearly invisible to the naked eye! Joe now had a perfect view of the whole shower teen sex room! He set up a portable VCR and monitor in the back of his van. With a range of 300 feet, Joe could teen sex park a good distance from the gymnasium and still get good reception! Before teen sex he would get out of his truck in the morning, he would teen sex flip on the recorder with and eight hour tape. Now any action that took place would be taped for teen sex later viewing at his leisure.

The first time Joe rewound the tape to see teen sex what was on it he was almost shaking like a leaf! Soon teen sex the figures of totally naked teenagers were teen sex casually walking into the shower! All shapes and sizes, every girl in the school was eventually caught by Joe’s secret teen sex camera. Being as the girls were mostly fifteen to eighteen years old, Joe was surprised at the huge teen sex differences in tit shape as well as the different thicknesses of pubic hair. The blond girls tended to teen sex have less hair and this allowed you to see some very pouty pussy lips! There was teen sex one girl named Chris that must have shaved her cunt because her pussy teen sex was completely bare! Her lips were very full and teen sex her clit seemed to protrude out of her puffy lips. She had a small but very teen sex firm chest with nipples that seemed to be constantly hard! She teen sex quickly became one of Joe’s favorites! A dark haired Italian girl named teen sex Jenny, on the other hand, had big boobs and a really teen sex hairy snatch box. She was obviously proud of her chest as teen sex she never covered it with a towel when she entered or left the teen sex shower area.

As it turned out one of the best teen sex things to see the girls do was when they shaved teen sex their legs or they trimmed their bushes! Since most of the girls swam, they teen sex all pretty much had to shave some fur so it wouldn’t show in a bathing suit. Watching a seventeen year teen sex old crouched down with her legs spread wide apart and using a razor to trim back he hair teen sex was the most unbelievable sight! Another teen sex time Joe caught two lesbians giving each other a bath. They both soaped and teen sex scrubbed each other and finally ended up sucking each other’s tits! One of the best teen sex things to see, however, was when one of these little sluts teen sex would wash her pussy! The little blond with the teen sex shaved bush and big clit would always first use a wash rag and then a her finger right inside her teen sex lips. Once when she was alone she friggered her clit to an teen sex orgasm! You could clearly see her clit protruding from teen sex her crack, and it was the biggest clit Joe had ever seen in his life! Probably the most exciting teen sex thing that happened, was a very unexpected visitor to the teen sex girl’s shower. One time after everyone had left for the day, Joe was startled to see Miss Jameson, the volleyball coach, stroll in and use the public showers. She was in her teen sex mid thirties and had an incredible body! On many teen sex occasions Joe had fantasized about how she looked teen sex in the raw, and now here she was standing under a teen sex stream of hot water rubbing and scrubbing her teen sex beautiful body unaware of the prying eyes watching her. This was too much teen sex even for Joe, so he pulled his dick out teen sex right in the van and blew a load watching the pretty teacher cteen sex leaning her cunt!

Most of these girls were from rich teen sex households and seemed not to have a care in the world! If teen sex only they could knew that they were being recorded during teen sex their most intimate moments.......

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