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Mary was depressed. Out of anal sex high school for three months now and not one decent job offer. She anal sex was getting desperate!!! Her parents were on her back and she couldn't blame them anal sex, underfoot all day and just generally in her mom's way. As she scanned anal sex the want ads for the 23rd time her eye caught sight of an ad she must have missed. It read, "Older widowed lady anal sex needs live in female for general household duties and companionship. Will pay top dollar anal sex to the right person! Start right away. Call Mrs. Bradford at 555-1534." Mary reread the ad anal sex several times trying to decide if she even wanted to get anal sex into domestic work.

As hard up as she was, the words “top dollar” made anal sex her pick up the phone and dial the listed number. A minute later she had an appointment to anal sex meet Mrs. Bradford tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 o’clock. She wasn’t exactly looking forward to it, but Mary really needed to get something anal sex going, and how hard could domestic work be?

At exactly three p.m. Mary was knocking on the big front door anal sex at the address Mrs. Bradford had given her over the phone the day before. The house was huge--almost a anal sex mansion! This might turn out to be more work than she had bargained for! Just then anal sex the door swung open and Mary was introducing herself to Mrs. Bradford and her friend anal sex Cora Hilliard. Both women looked to be in their early sixties anal sex but Mary was never very good at guessing people’s ages. Mary sat down in an anal sex over stuffed easy chair in the dimly lit parlor while the two ladies sat opposite her on a long sofa. After giving her anal sex vital imformation--age, education, work history, etc., Zoe Bradford explained what her duties anal sex would be if she took the job. In addition to general cleaning, she would be required to make the anal sex meals, grocery shop, and generally run the basic household on a anal sex day to day basis. Most of her evenings would be anal sex free and she would have Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday off. Of course anal sex her room and board would be free and she would pretty much have the anal sex run of the house.

Now for the wages. Both women gave each anal sex other a glance and then Mrs. Bradford said, “You will be paid $2000 per week for your anal sex services.” Before Mary could say a word--she was stunned to anal sex say the least, Zoe Bradford continued on, “There is, however, one more anal sex duty that I have not described to you as of yet. Obviously domestic work does not normally pay anal sex $2000 per week! That figures out to more than $100,000 per year, and many executives don’t make anal sex that kind of money! The one last job requirement is what we are going to be paying anal sex you for. That duty is that you will service Cora and I sexually anal sex whenever we want or need it. This could come in the form of oral sex or we may anal sex have you strap on a dildo and fuck us, but it matters only in our mood at the time. We will make anal sex you sign a contract that is iron clad and also a document that will prevent you from telling anyone about anal sex our activities. There may be occasions when we have a young man in to fuck you in anal sex front of us, if so, he will be required to wear a condom. We believe in safe sex! If this is satisfactory, you anal sex may begin work tomorrow. Do you have any questions?” Mary sat in stunned silence! She could barely anal sex speak! After a few moments of thought, mostly about the $2000 per week, she anal sex nodded her head and said, “I’ll start tomorrow.” “Good,” said anal sex Cora, “We’ll see you then!”

At eight o’clock the next morning anal sex Mary’s employment began. Cora and Zoe met her at the door anal sex and asked her to follow them to the parlor. The two ladies explained that anal sex while they liked men, they loved the feel and texture of young female flesh! Mary sat anal sex quietly as Cora spoke, all the while sizing up her new employers. Cora was lean and trim with an average anal sex size bust and average height, say about 5’5” tall. Zoe on the other hand was heavier and anal sex much taller, and in her youth she could have easily been referred to anal sex as an amazon! She had a huge chest that kind of reminded her anal sex of a grandmother’s chest, you know, dominantly large in every way!

After about fifteen minutes anal sex of instructions on work related items Cora asked Mary to please anal sex stand up and remove all of her clothing. Feeling very anal sex awkward indeed, Mary stood and slowly slipped out of her things. She could feel the anal sex eyes of the two women caressing her from across the anal sex room. Zoe reached out her hand and motioned Mary to her. Soon Zoe was touching anal sex Mary all over her ripe young body! Another pair of hands and Cora joined in the feel up! Both anal sex ladies couldn’t seem to get enough of Mary’s body! Mary had never had both of her tits anal sex sucked at the same time, but now each nipple was being expertly sucked and nibbled! Cora anal sex slid her hand between Mary’s legs and was soon fingering her now dripping anal sex snatch! All at once an orgasm ripped through Mary like an express train! Her nipples anal sex and clit were on fire! As she lay between them, Mary began to think that this anal sex job might be all right after all!

Mary was roused to attention when she anal sex felt Zoe begin to strip off her own clothes. This would be the moment of truth--could she handle seeing and feeling sixty year anal sex old bodies? Watching Zoe strip was an education in itself. Although she was plump and old, Zoe’s body anal sex was much firmer than Mary had thought possible. When she finally dropped her bra two huge boobs spilled out in Mary’s face! “anal sex Suck child,” was all Zoe said. With that, a big hard nipple as slipped into her mouth and anal sex she softly began sucking the big tit like a small baby! At the same time should could feel her legs anal sex being pushed apart and a tongue started to probe her wet pussy! Cora had decided to eat her out! God that old bitch could suck! Zoe began anal sex fingering her own cunt and soon both she and Mary were cumming like water faucets! Cora’s face anal sex was completely covered with Mary’s cunt juice, and Zoe was licking her own cum off anal sex her fingers and loving every second of it! By now Cora was the only one who hadn’t cum yet. Feeling a little left out she took off all of anal sex her things, lay back on on the couch, spread her legs, and pulled Mary’s face down to anal sex her hairy pussy! It was sopping wet and steaming hot! Mary quickly found Cora’s love button and anal sex started to wrap her tongue around it. Cora began pushing her cunt harder and harder into Mary’s eager mouth! Zoe anal sex got in on the action by feeding one of her giant tits to Cora who eagerly anal sex took it into her waiting mouth! Mary could feel the contractions when anal sex Cora blew her own nut! These two old bitches were hot!!!

After the heavy breathing had subsided, all anal sex three women retired to the whirlpool for a relaxing bath. “Yes sir,” thought Mary, “This job is going anal sex to work out just fine!

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