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The campus at State U. cunt pics was so big, and Pete couldn't get over that fact as he walked across cunt pics the Quad on this first day of class. As a freshman cunt pics he had so much to learn about life at a big college like State U. Worries about new classes, being away from home for cunt pics the first time, and of course tonight the initiation into the fraternity he was pledged to last week. He was a little cunt pics worried about that, because he had heard horror stories about frat hazing that had turned cunt pics out tragically. He had been assured by current members that nothing dangerous would happen, and that the entire initiation cunt pics was actually quite pleasant. Well, he hoped so!

At ten o’clock sharp all cunt pics ten new members TRI K fraternity were ushered into a dark room where each pledge was instructed to remove all of their clothing and cunt pics sit down and be quiet. In 15 minutes or so each pledge was blindfolded and led into another room where he was cunt pics instructed to stand at attention. After all the pledges were standing in a circle naked, they were cunt pics instructed to remain motionless no matter what happened to them. Pete was starting to get that fearful feeling when he felt cunt pics something touching his pecker, and next he felt a mouth engulf his now stiffening organ! Throughout the room he heard other cunt pics gasps as he assumed other cocks were being sucked as well! Before he could cum, the mouth cunt pics pulled away from his dick and he was left standing with a monster hardon shaking in the wind!

A voice then instructed the pledges to sit cunt pics down on chairs being placed behind them. In no time hands were forcing their heads forward and an order cunt pics to “Open your mouth” was spoken. Before he knew what had happened a soft cock was shoved cunt pics into his mouth! The order to “Suck it!!” was then given. Pete was dazed and confused, but he began sucking on the now hardening pecker. He could hear the sounds of cocksucking going on all around the room and cunt pics wondered if he was going to have to take a load of cum in his mouth. After about five minutes of sucking the cock was pulled from his mouth cunt pics and his blindfold was removed. Pete could then see that they were in a room lit only by candles. Even in this dim light, however, he could cunt pics see that everyone was naked and erect, and the older brothers were standing cunt pics outside the ring of pledges slowly jerking their dicks. The president of the frat then laid down the rule cunt pics to the new members. “ If an older brother ever needs a suck off, you will suck him then and there on his cunt pics request. If an older brother asks you to jerk off for any reason you will do it then and there. If and older brother asks you to suck cunt pics cunt pics anyone else, you will do it then and there.” “Do you all understand these rules?” “If so answer yes.” “If you agree to abide by the rules laid down here tonight you are all now probationary members.”

Now as official members, the pledges cunt pics dropped to their knees and sucked their older brothers to completion. They also were allowed to bring themselves to orgasm cunt pics by sucking each other off, and Pete got his prick sucked by a kid from Texas who obviously had cunt pics sucked a lot of dick before tonight! Within minutes he was unloading his nuts down the throat of the little cunt pics cocksucker! Pete was surprised to find what a big cock the little guy had, as he took his turn on his knees. He sucked the big head and cunt pics licked it’s shaft until his face was soon covered by spurting cum! He looked around the room to see cunt pics most of his pledge mates on their knees with large penises in their mouths. The smell of fresh cum cunt pics permeated the air, and it’s pungent aroma seemed to be an aphrodisiac to the young pledges, because cunt pics no one was having any trouble keeping and maintaining full erections! When ever someone needed to ejaculate, cunt pics there was always and eager mouth ready to take a full load of hot cum and swallow it down! The rest of the evening cunt pics was spent satisfying the upperclassmen, who were also caught up in the sexual synergy of the evening! As they were cunt pics heading off to bed an older brother pulled Pete aside and asked him to come to his room right away. When cunt pics they got inside Pete was told to strip and play with his dick while the older boy kissed his nipples.

Pete had very sensitive nipples and loved cunt pics having them licked and sucked on, and after maybe ten minutes of foreplay, Jim, the older boy, told Pete to lay face cunt pics down on the bed so he could fuck his ass. Pete quickly assumed his place on the bed as Jim rubbed his cock up and down cunt pics Pete’s ass crack, until he finally found Pete’s hole and pushed his dick in slowly. Pete relaxed his ass and soon Jim was cunt pics using Pete like his personal “fuck doll”! Jim was now panting hard and increasing the pace cunt pics of strokes, while Pete’s own cock was now hard as a rock and was nearing it’s own eruption. All at once Jim cunt pics shuddered and let go his load deep in Pete’s ass. After Jim had removed his dick Pete rolled over and begged cunt pics Jim to suck him off, and without hesitation he dropped his mouth onto Pete’s straining member and in only cunt pics seconds Pete shot his cum into Jim’s hot mouth! Both boys kissed deeply letting Pete’s cum fill both of their cunt pics mouths. Jim told Pete that he expected to have him in his room the next morning by seven cunt pics o’clock to give him a wake up blowjob.

As Pete entered his own room he smiled at how well school cunt pics was starting out! He better get a letter of to home to let his mom know that he had already made a lot of new friends!!! No use having her worrying!!!

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