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"What a day," thought Paula, hardcore sex, as she sped down Marine Blvd. on her way to the bank, hardcore sex, "it's just one thing after another!" She knew that she was speeding, hardcore sex but what with the stop at the bank, grocery shopping, and a visit to the beauty parlor hardcore sex, she would be hard pressed to make her six o'clock appointment with her husband hardcore sex. Drinks, dinner, and the opera, if she could just get through the day, she might enjoy the evening! Hardcore sex she wheeled into the bank parking lot and practically ran through the front door and into the main lobby. For once there wasn't a line, so she hardcore sex went directly to the teller window and withdrew two hundred fifty dollars.

Back in her car, she put the big Caddy in gear and hardcore sex headed off to the market, paying little attention to what was going on in the back seat behind her hardcore sex. As she fumbled with the cd player, her blood ran cold when she glanced into the rear view mirror and was hardcore sex stunned to see a young black male pointing a gun right at her head! “Don’t make a move bitch, or I’ll give it to you right here,” he said with a vicious snarl hardcore sex! Paula froze, struck with absolute terror, unable to take her eyes off the menacing presence behind her. She was brought back to reality when he barked, “Watch the road you dumb cunt hardcore sex, you’re gonna crack it up if ya don’t pay attention!” Paula jerked her eyes back to the road and hardcore sex tried desperately to think of a way out of this jam. Finally she offered, “I have money, you can have it all, just get out, and leave me alone hardcore sex!” He laughed a derisive harsh laugh, and spat, “You rich bitches always think that money can buy you hardcore sex everything, well, bitch, this time it can’t! hardcore sex” “W-where are you going to take me,” she stammered, the cold hard facts now beginning to take shape in her mind? “Just keep driving, hardcore sex I’ll tell ya when to stop,” he ordered, “and just remember, I can take ya out any fucking time I like hardcore sex!”

They drove for about twenty minutes, with Paula following hardcore sex the directions her kidnapper gave to her. The neighborhoods were getting hardcore sex rougher and rougher, until finally they were in an area that Paula had never even seen before, let hardcore sex alone having walked through! “Pull over right here,” the young man ordered, “and get out of the car!” They hardcore sex had parked in front of and old abandoned building on a deserted dead end side street, a street that rarely if ever hardcore sex saw any police traffic. Even though her late model Caddy stuck out like a sore hardcore sex thumb in the dilapidated neighborhood, the chances of the cops accidentally running across it were slim indeed! With cat like quickness hardcore sex the young black man was out of the rear seat and right next to her when she exited the hardcore sex vehicle. Even though he wasn’t particularly big, when he took her by the arm, she hardcore sex could feel real power in his firm hand. Practically dragging her, he lead her into the hardcore sex vacant building and took her to the second floor where he had set up the living room as his bedroom. There was a fireplace for heat, some old broken down furniture, and an old hardcore sex mattress over in the corner. Not very hospitable to say the least! He threw on to the bed and grabbed her purse, dumping the contents onto the floor. He opened her wallet and pocked the hardcore sex two fifty she had just withdrawn from the bank, and then slowly went through her credit cards. He looked up at her and said, “So your name’s hardcore sex Paula, huh, ain’t nobody named Paula anymore,” as he continued looking at the rest of her identification. While watching hardcore sex him go through her things, Paula finally began to settle down a bit, to the hardcore sex point that she asked him, “You know my name, can you tell me yours?” Her gave her a quizzical look, and the answered, “Yeah, it won’t do you no good any way, it’s Lemont, my name’s Lemont hardcore sex!

Paula guessed that he must have been about twenty five or so, and if you were just looking at him, he wasn’t bad looking at all! What impressed her the most about him, however, was his cat like reflexes, he seemed to move with an effortlessness that was truly amazing. When he was finished with her purse, he turned his attention back to her. “Stand up and get over here,” he ordered, all the time keeping his eyes glued to her body. She felt another chill go through her, only this one was sexual in nature, as she could feel his eyes looking right through her clothing. She was repulsed to be sure, but the sexual aura in the room could be cut with a knife. She definitely came from a white bread world, upper middle class, never deigning to mingle with the “little people”! The only sex she had ever had was with her lawyer husband, and they didn’t exactly have the most passionate relationship in the world, in their twenty three years of marriage, it was normally sex with the lights off, and her hubby on top, so at forty two, you could say that she had lived a very sheltered life. Now she was standing in the middle of a dingy dirty room, with an obviously unstable young man who had just robbed and kidnapped her. To top it all off, she was pretty sure that he was going to rape her or worse, and for some strange reason she didn’t feel terrified at all anymore.

Lemont walked around her, giving her the once over as if she were a hardcore sex prime head of cattle and said, “Not bad for and old white bitch, what you got hidden under that sweater cunt?” It sounded like a rhetorical question, so Paula just stood there and said nothing hardcore sex. Out of nowhere the young man produced a switch blade knife and the snap of the blade locking into place filled the quiet room. “Mama,” he intoned, “I ain’t gonna ask you to take it off again hardcore sex,” brandishing the weapon in a threatening manner! Paula again felt the stab of fear in her belly, but she knew that if she resisted he would hardcore sex take her anyway, and probably hurt her in the process, so she slowly lifted the bulky cardigan over her shoulders hardcore sex and let it slide off her arms onto the floor. She tried to fold her arms over her bra, but Lemont grabbed her by the wrist and told her to leave them at her side. He then took his knife and slid it between her breasts hardcore sex and with a quick motion deftly cut her bra in half, causing her large chest to spill out of the d size cups. The cool air coupled hardcore sex with the sexual tension caused her pink nipples to harden and turn bumpy. Lemont cupped her tits and tweaked her nipples, which caused her to moan softly under her breath, which of course was not lost on the surly young thug hardcore sex. “Ha ha ha,” he laughed roughly, “like gettin’ your tits felt up do you, well I’m gonna do a lot more than that before hardcore sex I’m through you!!!” “Now the rest of your things, off with them, now,” he said in a hard edged voice! Paula unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off with one motion, taking her panties at the same time hardcore sex. Her neatly trimmed blonde bush was now exposed, allowing Lemont easy access to her private parts. He reached between her legs and roughly fingered her already aroused vagina, taking pains to make sure he hardcore sex got a few good hits on her erect clitoris. Paula had never been so humiliated or excited in her whole life! Her husband certainly never made her feel like a slut, and this young black boy was not only making her feel like a tramp harddcore sex, he had a way of making her enjoy it! It was obvious that he liked her body, and even though he was using crude street language to describe it hardcore sex, it still built up her ego to think that she could turn on a experienced street person hardcore sex like Lemont.

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